How MyFutureNow works

MyFutureNow is a pension tracing and consolidation service that finds historical pensions from workplaces and personal policies and brings them into one convenient dashboard so you can get a full view on all of your pensions in one place

You can then decide to consolidate them into your current policy to make your pension pot easier to manage and maybe even give you a better return when you retire.

1. Register
Takes 5 minutes

All we need is some basic personal information that you probably have to hand. Once we have your name, address, phone and national insurance number, we can create your account and start finding your pensions.

2. Authorise
Takes 30 seconds

We ask you to review and sign a digital letter of authority. This allows MyFutureNow to retrieve your pension details for you. It’s paperless and can even be done on your smartphone.

3. Find
Takes 2 minutes to add a person

Just let us know where you worked or the name of your pension provider and our team gets to work. During the tracing process you will receive regular emails to keep you updated on our progress.

4. Review

Once we have located your pension the information is populated on a secure dashboard. You can then see exactly how much you have in each pension plan as well as a breakdown of key pension information such as special benefits or transfer penalties attached to the policy.

5. Transfer
Takes 2 minutes per pension

If you have more than one pension, you can choose to transfer your old policies into your current pension. We guide you through the process and turn multiple pensions into one that's easier to manage.