How it works


Complete and submit your transfer request. We'll need some basic details about you and the pensions you're looking to transfer, such as the name of the provider and your policy number (if you have it).


We'll start the transfer process and keep you updated by email, including if there are any features we discover that mean we can't transfer the pension and what your options are.


If you've provided us with the pension details, this should be done within two to five weeks.

If we've had to contact the pension provider to send us your policy details this can take up to sixteen weeks to complete.

During the transfer

There may be a short time when your money is not invested, whilst your old pension provider is selling the investment units they hold for you and paying the transfer to us.

If the market rises during this time, you may miss out on some investment growth. However, the market could fall during this time also. If this happens, your cash transfer will buy more units in the new investment or funds your new plan invests in.

The markets would have to move significantly for this to have any major impact, but it's something you need to be aware of.


Our service is completely free but any pensions you transfer will be subject to the same annual management charge and applicable fund management charges as your Legal & General pension. Details of these charges are in your member booklet, which can be found on your scheme's website.

Your right to cancel

You can cancel any transfers that haven't yet started, just get in touch using the contact details below.

If you change your mind after your transfer has completed, you can cancel up to 30 days after the transfer was made. Just let us know and we'll return the amount back to your previous pension provider. The amount we return will reflect any fall in the value of the investment fund(s) your pension was invested in.

However, your previous provider doesn't have to accept the transfer back. If this happens, your money will stay in your Legal & General plan.

The value of your pension pot(s) isn’t guaranteed and can go down as well as up. Your pension savings will be invested in one or more investment funds.
Nothing on our website or in any communications from us should be construed as pensions, financial, regulatory, legal, tax or investment advice. You must make your own investment decisions as to whether to make any pension transfers.