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We track down your pension information and give you a summary of what you have for free.
If you decide to consolidate your pensions we charge a fee, but that’s entirely up to you.

Alan Browne. CEO of MyFutureNow

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We gather some basic information from you and track down your pension information

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Access your secure, online pension dashboard and see all of your pension information in one place including values, performance and fees

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Choose to transfer your pensions into one lower cost plan leaving you with more money in retirement

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Take control of your pension

Having multiple pensions can leave you feeling helpless with no real control or understanding over how your pensions are performing. According to the Office of Fair Trading, millions of people just like you are paying up to 33% more than they should in pension fees. Register with us today and eliminate excess fees by consolidating your pensions into a new digital-aged pension plan.

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Tip of the week

About 10% of pension plans in the UK apply a fee for transferring a pension from one provider to another. Always check for a difference between the current value and transfer value on your pension statement.


Meet the team

Our mission is simple - to help as many people as possible take control of their retirement planning. We believe the first step is to help people get a clear picture of where they stand. Step two is helping people maximise what they have.

Our team includes certified financial planners working alongside skilled and passionate software designers and developers.

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