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Take control of your pension

Our free service allows you to find all of your pensions and manage them in one secure place.

How it works

Sorting your pension has never been this easy


We gather some basic information from you and track down your pension information


View all of your pension policies on a personalised, secure dashboard


Transfer pensions into your current policy to make planning for your retirement easier


Pension consolidation

All your pensions in one place

Our easy to use dashboard makes it easy to see all of your pensions in one secure place. If you’re looking to consolidate, you can transfer your existing pension pots into your current one with just a few clicks, completely free.


What our customers say

MyFutureNow is helping hundreds of people like you to sort out their pension

Rebecca Lyne

“Thank you, excellent service as always, Rebecca.”

Rebecca Lyne


Michael Awuye

“I was happy to use the service. It was quick and efficient.”

Michael Awuye